Wednesday - Nov. 6

  • Event Registration
  • Seminars
  • Mercato di Ferrari
  • Welcome Party

  Thursday - Nov. 7

  • Event Registration
  • Concours d'Elegance
  • Seminars
  • Coppa Bella Macchina
  • Evening Reception at the Penske Racing Museum

  Friday - Nov. 8

  • Track Event
  • Pleasure Drive
  • Competitive Rally
  • Western BBQ at Desert Foothills

  Saturday - Nov. 9

  • Track Event
  • Pleasure Drives
  • Gala awards Banquet

  Sunday - Nov. 10

  • Autocross
  • Pleasure Drives
  • Evening Reception

  Mon. to Thurs.                         Nov. 11-14

  • 4-day Grand Tour of Arizona
  • Optional daily and overnight drives


A rare opportunity to experience the most exclusive and exciting new private track in North America!

The Ferrari Club of America has been invited to be the first (and possibly the only) sports car club to stage a track event at the new Apex Motor Club, a private and very exclusive motorsports club and race track located just south of Phoenix. Going forward the Apex Motor Club and its track will normally be reserved solely for its small group of members, so this may be your “once in a lifetime chance” to experience this special track, as part of our track event for FCA2019.

The Apex Phase 1 track, currently nearing completion, is a smooth and curvaceous 2.27-mile road course (with race-quality asphalt) designed by award winning track designer Bob Barnard of Motorsports Service International. (Barnard’s credentials include work at the Adelaide Formula 1 Grand Prix, Road Atlanta, Daytona infield road course, Monticello Motor Club and other private tracks.)

Fast and technical at the same time, the Apex Phase 1 track features a 0.65-mile straightaway, elevation changes and multiple turn configurations to challenge the most experienced drivers while providing an exciting learning experience for new track drivers.

FCA Track Event: Friday and Saturday, November 8/9, 2019

The Apex Phase 1 Track is reserved exclusively for FCA members for 2 full days of track fun on November 8 and 9:

  • This will be a Ferrari-only event
  • There will be Red, Blue and Green/White run groups to accommodate every experience level from Novice to Expert
  • The schedule will provide at least 4 on-track sessions a day for each group, but still get you back to the hotel in time for each evening’s activities
  • Top instructors will be available to acquaint you with the track and get the most from you and your car (Instructors will also drive their own cars in a separate run group)
  • Participants in the track event will still have the opportunity to go on a spectacular Pleasure Drive on Sunday, and also join the 4-day Grand Tour of Arizona the following week.

Note: There is a 103 dB(A) noise restriction limit at Apex, which should be OK for regular street Ferraris and many of the higher performance street models. If you are concerned about meeting this limit, you should discuss this with your service advisor or mechanic well in advance.

The track event will be run in accordance with the FCA Track Event Manual. Download and study the manual for details of run group formats, required equipment and tech inspection. Click here to download the FCA Track Event Manual (2016)

All cars running in the Track event must have completed a full Tech Inspection within 30 days before the event. You must bring the completed tech form to the event for a final grid inspection at the track at which time a tech sticker will be affixed to your car.  You cannot drive on the track without a tech sticker. There will be no full tech inspection facilities at the event. You must have your tech inspection completed by your local dealer or mechanic before coming to the event. Download the FCA2019 Technical Inspection Form  

Equipment Requirements for the Track Event – Page 2 of the Tech Inspection Form details the equipment required for running on the track. If you are driving a “street” Ferrari (IE: not race prepared) the only special equipment you will need is an approved helmet which must be Snell SA 2010 or later. (Note: motorcycle helmets with M or SM rating are NOT acceptable) Click here for information on where you can rent or purchase an approved helmet.

Don’t miss a rare opportunity to experience this new and exclusive track!

If you have any questions about the track event, contact Chris Garland, FCA2019 Track Chair at chrisgarland1@gmail.com