Wednesday - Nov. 6

  • Event Registration
  • Seminars
  • Mercato di Ferrari
  • Welcome Party

  Thursday - Nov. 7

  • Event Registration
  • Concours d'Elegance
  • Seminars
  • Coppa Bella Macchina
  • Evening Reception at the Penske Racing Museum

  Friday - Nov. 8

  • Track Event
  • Pleasure Drive
  • Competitive Rally
  • Western BBQ at Desert Foothills

  Saturday - Nov. 9

  • Track Event
  • Pleasure Drives
  • Gala awards Banquet

  Sunday - Nov. 10

  • Autocross
  • Pleasure Drives
  • Evening Reception

  Mon. to Thurs.                         Nov. 11-14

  • 4-day Grand Tour of Arizona
  • Optional daily and overnight drives

Ferrari Transport and Storage

Transporting your Ferrari to Scottsdale
Intercity Lines is the Official Transporter of the FCA 2019 Annual Experience for members based in the USA. Click here for contacts and information on how Intercity can get your Ferrari safely and securely to Scottsdale.

Receiving and Storing your Ferrari in Scottsdale (if it arrives before you do)
The Stables Automotive Group (less than 20 minutes from the DoubleTree Resort) will receive and safely store your Ferrari prior to the Event, and also store your Ferrari after the Event until it is picked up by your transporter. Discounted rates for FCA members during the Meet:             

              Daily storage fee           $25 $20/day

              Full detail                        $550 $500

              Hand wash                      $75

For reservations, please contact Chris Gennone at (408) 699 3095 or cgennone@stablesgroup.com