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FCA Concours Events Coppa Bella Machina

Coppa Bella Machina Overview

Bella Macchina translates loosely to “beautiful machine,” which all Ferraris are; but nothing is more beautiful than a Ferrari in perfect working order, being driven and operated as intended.

The Ferrari Club of America is pleased to host this competition for you and your Ferrari, the successful completion of which will bring you a special award—the “Coppa Bella Macchina.”

This competition is being held in memory of its founder, Donald Andrews.


 Recognition for Ferraris that are in exceptionally good working order, and every component and accessory works precisely as delivered from the factory under driving conditions


97 points or better in Concours (Platino) and have entered the CBM (also: ownershows car, driver’s license, insurance, registration) Review the Concours Competition Sequence Diagram 

Review the Concours, Coppa Bella Macchina, Coppa GT, Futuro Classico Presentation (rev. 4/1/2017) 


The CBM evaluator will complete a detailed operational evaluation checklist on two portions of the competition. The evaluation will be awarded on an 100% overall Pass or Fail.

  • Static portion
  • Road test

In case of a problem

The entrant is allowed 1 (one) hour to fix 1 (one) problem.


Check your own car before the evaluation (checklist / manual) Review the Coppa Bella Machina Competition Rules and Test Requirements (rev. 2/2015) 

Historical failures

  • Windshield wipers don’t work
  • No / inoperable trouble light
  • A/C or radio does not work –tape player?
  • Glove box does not lock –no key
  • No proof of ownership
  • Engine missfire
  • Turn signals don’t self cancel
  • Clock does not work
  • Seat belts don’t work
  • Windshield washer doesn’t work
  • Door locks don’t function correctly
  • Flashlight does not work
  • Glove box cover does not stay up.
  • Trunk / engine cover does not stay up